LaunchArt: Peterborough

LaunchArt: Artists talk and show at 525 W.26th Street New York

LaunchArt: Salon on Commercial St. Provincetown, MA

LaunchArt. Peterborough, NH

LaunchArt: New York “Four Views”

Situated in a pre-existing boarding house, the home-base of LaunchArt consists of 6 rooms offering an intimate view of works by various artists who are currently not represented by a gallery. Works exhibited range from emerging artists to those working on their master thesis. The “project-based”, salon-style atmosphere, along with a library of contemporary art books and a Flat File Room, offer viewers a relaxed, non-pretentious experience. LaunchArts home base is located in the Mondanock region of southern New Hampshire which is also home to many other outstanding art establishments including The MacDowell Colony and The Sharon Art Center. On occasion, Launch Art exhibits on Commercial St in Provincetown MA and The Chelsea Art District in New York City creating short, “salon-style” events in found or rented space.